List of Jaguar insurance groups range from 33 to 50

Jaguar insurance groups, find what insurance group from 1 to 50, lowest insurance groups offer the cheapest car insurance rates.

Model list Insurance group(s)  
Jaguar F-Type (13 on) group 50
Jaguar F-Type Coupe (14 on) group 46 to 47
Jaguar F-Type R Coupe (14 on) group 50
Jaguar XF R (09 on) group 46 to 49
Jaguar XF R-S (13 on) group 50
Jaguar XF Saloon (08 on) group 33 to 49
Jaguar XF Sportbrake (12 on) group 33 to 45
Jaguar XJ Saloon (10 on) group 48 to 50
Jaguar XJ XJR (13 on) group 50
Jaguar XK Convertible (06 on) group 48 to 50
Jaguar XK Coupé (06 on) group 46 to 50
Jaguar XK R (06 on) group 48 to 50
Jaguar XK R-S Convertible (12 on) group 50
Jaguar XK R-S Coupé (11 on) group 50

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Insurance groups 1 to 50
Cheapest band
Very low insurance groups
1 to 10
Cheap band
Low insurance groups
11 to 20
Average band
Mid insurance groups
21 to 30
Expensive band
High insurance groups
31 to 40
Very expensive band
Very high insurance groups
41 to 50

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