List of Kia insurance groups range from 3 to 30

Kia insurance groups, find what insurance group from 1 to 50, lowest insurance groups offer the cheapest car insurance rates.

Model list Insurance group(s)  
Kia Kia Carens (13 on) group 12 to 17
Kia Ceed GT (13 on) group 29
Kia Ceed Hatchback (12 on) group 6 to 15
Kia Ceed Sportswagon (12 on) group 6 to 15
Kia Optima (12 on) group 16 to 20
Kia Picanto (11 on) group 3 to 12
Kia Proceed (13 on) group 10 to 15
Kia Proceed GT (13 on) group 29 to 30
Kia Rio (11 on) group 3 to 9
Kia Sorento (10 on) group 20 to 30
Kia Soul (14 on) group 9 to 11
Kia Sportage (10 on) group 12 to 18
Kia Venga (10 on) group 7 to 15

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